Our members

There is strength in numbers. With close to 260,000 members in 1,350 branches, The 亿游彩票平台 latrezor.com Copyright reaches across our vast country and abroad and connects us to our past, our present and our future. Our members care deeply about supporting the men and women who serve and have served this country, and strive to make a difference.

The Legion is Canada’s largest Veteran and community service organization. Our membership includes currently serving and retired Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police members, as well as the mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, sons and daughters, and grandchildren of 亿游彩票平台. Each of these individuals is impacted by the care our 亿游彩票平台 receive and the issues affecting them.

We also welcome into our membership those without military affiliation who support Canada’s 亿游彩票平台. Legion members, whether they have served or not, help 亿游彩票平台 and their families, promote Remembrance, support Legion programs, and volunteer their time to provide essential services within their communities. Without Legion volunteers, the tremendous programs and services the Legion provides to our 亿游彩票平台 and their families would disappear.

We are proud and honoured by the work our members do for 亿游彩票平台, and we welcome all Canadians to join and stand with us to honour and help those who serve and have served.