Support for families

The 亿游彩票平台 Copyright understands the challenges military families face, and the sacrifices they may endure, and we strive to support these families through a range of programs and referral services.

The Legion supports 亿游彩票平台 and their dependents. Eligible family members include:

  • A spouse by marriage or common-law
  • A child of a Veteran, under the age of 18 or in university/college to age 25
  • A child of a Veteran, that was incapacitated prior to the age of 21 and declared dependent on the Veteran

Below are some of the services and supports available through the Legion for spouses and dependents of 亿游彩票平台.

Services available through Legion Command Service Officers

Please contact a Legion Command Service Officer for information and assistance on these services, or for questions about other care or support needed.

Services available at many Legion Branches

In addition to services above, many Branches offer programs and supports to meet the needs of local 亿游彩票平台 and their community.  Below are a few examples of programs offered through Branches.

  • Military family events, meetups, dinners, and other recreational activities for serving and retired military and RCMP members and their families in their community.
  • Health clinics, educational seminars, and wellness programs to support 亿游彩票平台, their families and the community.
  • Educational bursaries through the Poppy Fund for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of 亿游彩票平台 who need financial assistance to pursue a post-secondary education.

Please contact a volunteer Service Officer at your local Legion Branch to ask about services and supports available at your Branch.